Collaboration newly defined!

System-phone-video.pngWith MDS Amiba the user obtains a multifunctional communication platform for voice, video, instant messaging (chat) and realtime information, irrespective of one's whereabouts – in the company, at the home office, on the road or at home.

Our cloud-based Unified Communications & Collaboration-solution provides users with an uncomplicated and completely secure platform for consolidating the communication and collaboration with colleagues and external contact partners – via smartphone, tablet, PC, MAC or system telephone.

The MDS Amiba service can be made available, irrespective of the number of users and its required locality in Germany,  with new local area code telephone numbers within the shortest possible time.

Our customer-friendly monthly tariffs make an outstanding contribution for investing to anyone's future competitiveness –  without meaningful capital lock-up. This makes the financing of high-performance enterprise functions also easily affordable for SME's. 

We enable the usage of already existing devices and applications with also enhancing the productivity and availability of its users. As an active supporter of the BYOD trend (Bring Your Own Device), we support our customers with our products to use their own and accustomed smartphones, tablets and computers as fully fledged system terminals - while maintaining full security courtesy to our implemented encryption mode, no matter whether for user, installer or provider.

And the proven can be trusted – our reliable technology is already used without problems in over 750 thousand installed telephone systems.


Collaborative communications made easy – by MDS Amiba.

Overview of the main MDS Amiba-functions

Administrator functions Always included () /
Additionally required
Call statistics
Call recording
Call groups (hunt groups)
Call protection
Call diversion
Automated attendant / 300 recordable announcement prompts
Audio-conference room (up to 100 participants)
Automatic software updates for MDS Amiba telephone system
User portal secured via HTTPS
Detailled system logging options
External access rights (trunk seizure, 7 diffferent freely programmable external access classes, barred telephone numbers, emergency numbers)
Case-by-case extending the extenal access rights via Roaming PIN
Firewall with whitelist
Call logging (call-by-call details)
Configuration secured via HTTPS
Live system status
Personal directory
Voicemail boxes for all extensions and hunt groups
System maintenance
User presence status
Scheduler for conferencing rooms
Video conference room (number of participants pending on broadband-level) Video conference room
Music on hold via wav-/ mp3-file
Company directory


Easy browser-based management Always included () /
Additionally required
For the administrator - browser-based programming & management (system, users)
For the user - browser-based portal (for call management & working on voicemail messages, team collaboration), system client


Team collaboration Always included () /
Additionally required
Call recording
Audio conference rooms
Instant messaging (chat)
Contact data integration
Online meetings (video-c)onference room) Video conference room
Presence information
System clients  (system telephone for iOS / Android / Windows PC)


Mobility Always included () /
Additionally required
iOS system Ccient for iPhone & iPad
Android system client for smartphones & tablets
DECT-support for on-site mobility
System client softphone for Windows PC


Business functions Always included () /
Additionally required
DND - Do Not Disturb
Fallback to operator
Alarm call
Enquiry call (internal / external calls)
Internal paging (call all users)
Call hold
Call park
Call auto-answer
Call record
Call lists (missed, dialled, answered)
Call log
Call protection
Call barring, up to 7 classes
Call pick-up
Call monitoring
3PTY conference
DND - Do Not Disturb
Fallback to operator
Alarm call
Call waiting (internal / external calls)
Paging call (to all users)
Call hold
Browser-based operator-console
CSTA-interface - for connecting 3rd party applications (e.g. Keylink CTI)
DECT-integration via Gigaset N720 DECT Manager - supported system functions: central directory, MWI for single users & hunt groups with actualisation sfter first viewing of message by a user, listen into received voicemail messages, notification of received eMails with subsect row, paging, intercom, etc.)
DECT-multi-cell operation for site-based mobility (up to 20 Gigaset N720 base stations)
Auto-call (of a particular extension)
Announcements via all system telephones / system clients
Fax-2-eMail Fax-2-eMail-Teilnehmer
Fixed Mobile Convergence (FMC)
Whisper-intrusion, coaching
Headset-support via system telephone Operafone Executive IP
Hotline (baby call)
Ringtone assignment for external lines
Conference room (for up to 100 internal and external callers)
Conference room (for up to 7 internal and external callers)
Least Cost Routing
Several devices per user (desktop, softphone, mobile - up to 6 terminals per user)
Multi-tenancy (with different call numbering plans in one system)
Listen-in, coaching
Presence status
Roaming PIN 
Consultation call
Ringer tunes - 15 options
Calling number identity presentation & restriction (CLIP, CLIR)
Hunt groups
SIP-client - desktop, DECT, softphone
SIP-users (up to 200 SIP-extensions)
Voicemail boxes, up to 225
Voicemail-forwarding via eMail
Synchronisation with Outlook/Gmail-directories
System client apps for Android (smartphone / tablet)
System client apps for iOS (iPhone / iPad)
System client softphone for Windows PC
Company directory - for 10,000 entries / import/export of user directories / Internal list of extension
Door entry/intercom-support
Switching between WiFi and mobile networks via the iOS/Android system client while on a call
Video conference room (for video collaboration via user-WebRTC) Video-Konferenzraum
Music on hold


Integration Always included () /
Additionally required
Connection of analogue devices (telephone, fax, answering machine) - via Opera Gateway FXS-interfaces Opera 20/240 Gateway
Connection of MDS 2-wire system telephones - via Opera Gateway UpN-interfaces Opera 240 Gateway
Dynamic (CRM) Keylink CTI
Usage of employee-owned devices (Bring Your Own Device - BYOD) - e.g. system clients for smartphones, tablets & Windows PC
GMail (Google) Keylink CTI
Goldmine (CRM) Keylink CTI
Keylink CTI CSTA-Schnittstelle
MS Outlook Keylink CTI
Sage (CRM) Keylink CTI
Salesforce (CRM) Keylink CTI
Door Entry System-interface- via Opera Gateway FXS- & relais-interfaces (analogue & SIP) Opera 20/240 Gateway


Contact Center  Included in the
Contact Center-subscriber
20 skill sets
240 agents
Call deflection to operator
Call quality statistics
Display username & password
External call number prioritization
Individually adjustable reporting
Wrap-up time
Service settings
Skill set-/agent report
Skill set settings
Skill set allocation
Live wallboards
Voicemail forwarding


Collaborative communications made easy – by MDS Amiba.  

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