Your contact centre solution from the cloud

Conventional call centre applications require considerable investment for necessary hard- and software components.

Not so with us! With our rapidly available solution, which provides you with an easily administratable and reliable application, you have at your disposal all advanced functions for customer hotlines, telesales teams or telephone help desks as well as a reporting tool that helps your company to achieve its goals with an increased customer satisfaction.

Extensive hard- and software investments  - a thing of the past!

Our  MDS Amiba contact centre is hosted via our MDS Amiba telephone system in the cloud, allowing you to have the solution available immediately after you have taken a decision for MDS Amiba. Except for the desktop system telephones, you require no additional investment for otherwise necessary hard- and software components as well as for maintenance contracts to support conventional call centre applications.


Overview of the virtual MDS Amiba contact centre

Contact Center overview X7 EN.png


The Contact Center-subscriber - made by MDS

Find out more about the advantages you will experience when using our contact centre solution for your inbound call centre.

  • Start in the easiest manner — we handle the technology for you
  • Locate your agents at the sites best suitable for you
  • Route incoming calls the quickest and shortest way possible with advanced call centre features
  • Change the number of agents, amend scripts, fine-tune the call routes — all with only a few mouse-clicks


MDS Amiba contact centre features

  • Contact-Center-Agent.png200 agents
  • 50 skill sets
  • 300 automated attendant announcements
  • Call transfer and overflow
  • Agent and supervisor log in/log out
  • Agent wrap-up time
  • Peak-time cover, with agent drag and drop on the fly
  • Silent intrude
  • Smartphone integration
  • Home-based agents
  • Skill-based routing
  • Priority routing, based on incoming number dialled
  • Queue status wallboards
  • Supervisor wall board
  • Colour thresholds for key performance indicators, per skill set
  • Agent priority on skill level
  • Skill set mailboxes
  • Agent and skill set real time and historic reports
  • Scheduled, customised reports generated and sent automatically
  • Highly secure AES encrypted communication 

Increased agent productivity

  • Agent browser-based portal                     
  • Smartphone app
  • Call recording
  • Homeworking
  • Programmable wrap-up periods

Agent Benutzerportal mit Weiterleitung & Chat.png

Faster first contact resolution

  • Programmable call distribution per queue               
  • Scripts for call routing based on incoming calling number identity
  • 300 programmable auto-attendants

Reduced handling time

  • Response times and average handling times on wall display
  • Silent listen-in for coaching

Programmable call distribution within a skill-set

Call presented to a skill-set pool may be distributed in a number of ways:

  • Ring all
  • Cyclic start
  • Priority routing
  • Longest idle

Skill-set reporting

The skill set supervisor can generate customised, automatic, historic reports based on over-all skill set statistics and on a per agent basis.

  • Longest / average customer wait times
  • Longest / average call times
  • Max. number of calls
  • Number of calls per day
  • Number of abandoned calls 

Flexible skill-set allocation

The skill set Supervisor has full control over the skill set pool, and can react to levels of calls into the skill set by adding agents using a simple drag and drop interface.                                                         

  • Live status over-view of the skill set and all its agents
  • Reports regarding the performance of the skill set and its agents
  • Quickly add, remove, login, logout, using drag & drop portal interface
  • Add a message to the main wall display
  • Customised display information on main wall displays 
  • Call record (can be emailed to agent and supervisor as wav-file)
  • Live listen-in (silently, with un-mute option)
  • Whisper monitor, for coaching
  • Supervisor takeover of a call from an agent

Collaborative communications made easy – by MDS Amiba.

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