Call recording

The MDS Amiba call recording option is a system enhancement for a single subscriber, who wants to record calls via his registered system terminals (desktop system telephone or system client) and optionally can save them as wav-file and forward them.

With the call recording facility, subscribers can record their outgoing or incoming calls, play them as well as rewind, download or delete them.

Pending on the available storage capacity of the particular subscriber, recorded calls are stored. When exceeeding the storage capacity , the oldest calls wil be deleted.


Easy & flexible

Softphone-System-Telephone.pngDo you wish to record all your calls? Simply register via the user portal and activate the option "record all calls".

If you want to record only some particular calls, choose the option "record on demand".

The call recording feature can of course be deactivated by  choosing "record no calls".  



  • Call recording facility for one extension
  • Select between "record all calls" or "record on demand”
  • On demand recording Bvia the user portal
  • Replay, rewind, download or delete the recording(s)
  • Automatic notification tone for starting recording before answering a call
  • Automatic deletion of oldest recording(s) depending on the available storage capacity

Collaborative communications made easy – by MDS Amiba..

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