You can only win - with MDS Amiba

Advantages for everyone!

For our mutual success.pngWith our MDS Amiba service we combine a future-proof cloud-based communication platform with inexpensive tariffs for telephony, instant messaging, video collaboration and mobility supporting functions, providing its users via a single basic subscription and a variety of straightforward optional services a holistic communications suite that fulfils all requirements also for demanding business customers without problems.

Endusers already make significant savings simply by using the beneficial MDS Amiba tariffs compared with those of conventional providers, leading to a faster amortisation of the investment and the operational expenses.

But moreover, the advantages yielded via the mobility functions, the all-time availability of the company network and team-supporting video collaboration, benefit users with considerable productivity gains, which aids its users to achieve much faster turnarounds of tasks and decision making for best supporting their business goals.

Our system partners obtain with the technical and sales driven advantages, which our  communication platform provides, a monthly reoccuring revenue potential that would otherwise not be achievable.

The available functions and facilities of MDS Amiba are enterprise graded, yet by its price-performance structure, we make the platform easily affordable for small and medium-sized companies, thus enabling SME's to benefit from the same productivity potentials that so far were only reachable for big businesses.

There are only winners - with MDS Amiba.


Collaborative communications made easy – by MDS Amiba. 


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